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La Parilla Mexican Cuisine

Posted: 07/16/09

La Parilla Mexican Cuisine

Restaurant: Atlanta La_Parilla

dre: I had a craving for some US Mexican food, so we went to a restaurant called La Parilla. We had many refills of the nachos. Mike had a Mojito and I had a Sangria. They were fabulous!

I wanted to try a bit of everything, so I had a taco, enchilada and burrito. It tasted decent, but was disappointing. Mike ate a Chimi Rica. It looked and tasted like a burrito to me - nothing special.

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  • I was over at my friend's place recently and we put large slices of pineapple on the glass. I made the comment that no one does that. Looks like someone does do that!
    Nelson @ 2009-07-17

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