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Newcastle, Ontario

Posted: 06/14/09

Newcastle, Ontario

Restaurant: Steamers

dre: Do you know where Newcastle, Ontario is? I didn't know either until Vivien moved there! For those geography challenged, Newcastle is located EAST of Oshawa... far from civilization. They do have this place called Steamers and that's where we had breakfast.

I had the mini breakfast - French Toast. I put my phone next to it to show how small it was.

I SHOULD have gotten the mini breakfast with 1 egg, meat, and potatoes. That is what Janette got and it looked more worth it than mine.

Mike had a regular breakfast, basically double the mini breakfast.

The place was cheap and I'd come here again ... if I was in the area.


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  • Our sausage is really sorry looking. What a small breakfast, I think you got ripped off!
    Nelson @ 2009-06-15

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