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Early morning celebration

Posted: 06/12/09

Early morning celebration

Restaurant: Markham_Station Toronto

dre: I had to go into work at 2 AM for a launch. When we completed all the activities, we took a breakfast break at a nearby greasy spoon place called Markham Station at Markham Rd and Shepperd Ave. There were 20 of us and it was probably the most business they got ever at that hour (I believe we all arrived just after 6 AM). The food was cheap. The early morning special (which is what I had) was $3.99. The food wasn't that great, but I was too tired at that hour to care.

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  • I felt really nauseous after that meal. It could have been the whole 'being up all night' thing, or maybe it was just the grease =P
    Mike @ 2009-06-12
  • I had 3 cups of coffee here as well.
    dre @ 2009-06-12

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