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Nels' Engagement Party

Posted: 06/06/09

Nels' Engagement Party

Restaurant: none

dre: When I got to the party, it was already chaotic with people grabbing food. I snapped a picture of the main table in the dining room with a huge platter of fruit, crackers and cheese, salad, and samosas. I made sure I got a samosa and fruit.

In the kitchen, there was lasagna. I ate 3 large pieces that night. I think the 3rd piece is what killed me because I was so full.

I had some sliders as well and the vietnamese rolls.

I was too full for dessert, but I forced myself to eat both of these. The one at the back was a strawberry mousse type dessert with a cool chocolate mesh. The front one was a delicious bread pudding with ice cream.

It was all very delicious, and I ate waaaay too much that night.


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