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Pig Tail

Posted: 05/24/09

Pig Tail

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Oktoberfest: Waterloo region is famous for the pig tails, but I've never tried it until now. On this oktoberfest, I ordered one to try. Now that I look back at the photo, it look a little phallic, but I didn't notice at the time (thankfully). In terms of taste and texture, it is actually very very similar to a rib, except with more bones and skin. I guess they slow cook them until they are tender. There is more skin on the outside and on the inside there are multiple bones. It was ok, but I don't think I'll eat it again though.

I also got a schnitzel with sauerkraut. It wasn't that good. I guess I can't expect much for an oktoberfest facility where the main focus is on beer.


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