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Papaya Boat

Posted: 05/16/09

Papaya Boat

Restaurant: Fantaxia_Cafe Toronto

Nelson: I don't remember the name of this chinese restaurant, but it really unique dishes that I've never had before. The first pic is a boat made of papaya filled with scallop and carrots. Great presentation. It was a lot of papaya, but I like it so I enjoyed this dish.

The second is like deep fried milk, but at the top you can tell it was tied together. Inside was a sack of seafood and vegetables. Never seen this presentation before either! I think the creative presentation makes chinese food a lot more interesting.

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  • Was this @ Don Mills and Finch? I saw the pic of the crab soup thing (2 pics after this one) and recognized the "fish shaped" shrimp meat. I forgot my camera that night, but remember that all their dishes had a unique presentation
    dre @ 2009-05-19

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