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All Star Wings (and their Fries)

Posted: 05/14/09

All Star Wings (and their Fries)

Restaurant: All_Star_Wings_and_Ribs

Nelson @ All Star Wings: Going here is fun because of the sheer number of wing flavours they have. I think they have over 150 different flavours, so it always difficult to decide which one to pick. Also, since there is no description, half the time you don't know what you are ordering.

This time Kitty and I got the Pacific Princess and Hawaiian Eruption. Beats me what flavour it is. I think the pacific princess is some sort of bbq with cream and or cheese. The Hawaiian Eruption I remember was like a sweet and sour sauce that was spicy. I think a lot of their flavours are really similar and in the end most of it tastes the same anyway. Regardless, I still enjoy their wings.

The last item is Tex Mex Fries, loaded with cheese, seasonings, tomato, sour cream, salsa. It was pretty decent and totally added unnecessary to calories to meal.

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  • My coworkers sometimes organize a wing lunch day where they order hundreds or these things and 20 different flavours. We're only able to try one of each (if you can eat 20 wings), and work productivity goes down the drain after lunch.
    dre @ 2009-05-14

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