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Tony Roma's Portobello Steak Salad

Posted: 05/12/09

Tony Roma's Portobello Steak Salad

Restaurant: Tony_Romas Toronto

Nelson @ Tony Roma's: Once again I order a salad at a place famous for their ribs. But it has steak on top of it! Grilled sirloin steak and portobello mushrooms tossed with mixed greens, onions, tomoto pesto, bacon and bleu cheese crumbles. Servied with balsamic vinegar and red wine dressing. This seems like an interesting combination, except the bleu cheese was a little too salty and overpowering. Maybe blue cheese lovers would like this dish better. The mushrooms were good, but they put a little too much vinegar in the salad for my tastes. And the steak was too small. Even after all these negative things I've said, I still enjoyed it, but I probably won't get it again.

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Kitty had a proper steak meal, with a salad to start (not pictured), a rare steak, coleslaw and baked beans. I ate some of her dish, although she didn't eat any of mine because of the blue cheese.


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  • so no one had ribs??!
    dre @ 2009-05-12
  • Other people did, but not Kitty or I :(

    We went back in February and had some ribs though
    Nelson @ 2009-05-12
  • so i guess we'll see those in a year later on this blog..haha
    Kitty @ 2009-05-12

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