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Egglectic Cafe

Posted: 05/23/09

Egglectic Cafe

Restaurant: Chicago Egglectic_Cafe

dre: We went to a place called Egglectic Cafe in Wheaton, IL. I had an Iron Man - egg white omelette with sliced mushrooms, avocado, tomato, onions, and green peppers, served with a side of salsa. It was pretty good and the egg white made it a little blander than I would have liked, but I felt healthier. It also came with homefries and pancakes.

Mike had a Popeye's Favourite Fritatta. We didn't know what a fritatta was until we saw this skillet - scrambled eggs with bacon, fresh spinach, country potatoes, and onion covered with melted jack cheese. His meal also came with pancakes.

It was so much food, but it was delicious and pretty cheap!

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  • Haha, you felt healthier because you ate egg whites and in the next sentence you say you had homefries and pancakes too, haha.
    Nelson @ 2009-05-28
  • Yeah, I like their portion sizes too. It's a great little Wheaton breakfast restaurant.
    Wheaton Breakfast Restaurant @ 2011-01-20

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