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NAHA Appetizers

Posted: 05/15/09

NAHA Appetizers

Restaurant: Chicago Naha

dre: We met up with some family friends for dinner and he picked this restaurant called NAHA, apparently one of the best restaurants in Chicago. The type of food was a fusion of French and American style...which means fancy!

We started off with Large Scallops from the Gulf of Maine roasted with Vanilla Bean, Citrus and Spices, Glazed Belgian Endive,Ruby Red Grapefruit, Wild Crafted Watercress,Candied Rind scented with mint. These scallops were pretty jumbo, and even though we cut the 2 of them into smaller pieces, it was big enough to taste.

The middle picture is Organic Carnaroli Risotto, Wild Boar Bacon and Wood-Grilled Foraged Ramps with "Stinging" Nettles, and Confit Green Garlic. I thought this dish was a little salty and small, but I shouldn't complain about the size of the dish because it was what I had expected.

The last picture is the Tartare of Hawaiian "Yellowfin" Tuna, Cured Arctic Char and Hard-Cooked Quail Egg with a Mosaic of Nicoise Garnishes, Aigrelette Sauce and Toasted Brioche. Even though I'm not a fan of raw fish, this was actually pretty good. It didn't taste fishy, just a bit lemony.

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