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Road Trip Stops

Posted: 05/13/09

Road Trip Stops

Restaurant: McDonalds

dre: The day we drove to Chicago was the day we went to McDonald's 4 times in one day. Not shown are the 2 times that we stopped at McDonald's to pick up free coffees that they were promoting in Canada. We left home around 6 AM and arrived at the border right before breakfast ended, so we picked up another coffee.

We stopped somewhere in Michigan to eat a McDonald's lunch where I had some sort of Chicken sandwich and Mike had a Quarter Pounder. That particular McDonald's was advertising their iced coffee, so I had a free sample. Our stomachs hurt afterwards.

Right before dinner, we were too hungry and decided to snack on these chicken wraps. They didn't leave us feeling too good afterwards either.

That's why I only have McDonald's once every 5 years or so.


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  • Good for you. Unfortunately I go there way more often than you. :(
    Nelson @ 2009-05-28

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