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The Birthday Usual

Posted: 05/11/09

The Birthday Usual

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre: For my dad's birthday, we asked him where he wanted to eat. I secretly hoped he wouldn't choose The Keg as I had eaten there recently and didn't know if I handle so much food again. To my delight and dismay, he chose The Keg.

I decided to try something completely from what I normally ordered, so I went for the Ribsteak. I wouldn't get it again as it was the fattiest thing I've ever eaten from The Keg. I wished I took an after picture of my leftovers.

We also shared an asparagus, grilled mushroom and sweet potato fries platter. I find their mushrooms very salty and their fries were pretty good. I don't like asparagus, so I didn't try any, but it looked like it was covered with butter.

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