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AYCE Skydome

Posted: 05/06/09

AYCE Skydome

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre Toronto

Nelson @ Skydome: I went to an AYCE event at a Blue Jay Game, while they were in the midst of a long winning streak.

When you arrive, they have copious amounts of food laid out for you on tables to grab at will. You can eat all the hot dogs, nachos, Miss Vickies chips, popcorn, peanuts and pop you can stuff your face with. Awesome!

I ate four hot dogs, nachos, chips and popcorn. Awesome! Not so awesome is the feeling afterward. Awesome!


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  • wow miss vickies chips! and you got the big hot dogs! not just the small ones that we ate on $1 hot dog day.

    did they win! I think I went to the game the next day to get a joe carter figurine.
    dre @ 2009-05-06
  • Yes, I think Greg Zaun hit a home run to put the jays ahead for the win. The $1 hot dogs aren't this type? boo...
    Nelson @ 2009-05-06

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