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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Posted: 04/28/09

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Restaurant: Park_Hyatt Toronto

Nelson @ Park Hyatt Wedding: The dessert was really unique. They brought out these heavy duty mixers and large canisters. They added a few ingredients to the mixing bowls, starting mixing and then poured liquid nitrogen directly into the mixing bowl.

After the smoke clears, ice cream remains!

To go with the ice cream were various sweet pastries.

They made three different ice cream flavours. One was mango, made by adding fresh mango into the mixture, one was white chocolate, made by adding white chocolote flakes and lastly strawberry cheesecake made by adding whole slices of strawberry cheesecake into the mixer!

The ice cream itself has the consistency of hard ice cream that you mix up (ie soft). It was a really innovative way to serve ice cream and the result tasted good too!


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  • that looks cool. Great series of photographs to capture the dessert
    grace @ 2009-04-28

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