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Park Hyatt Wedding Jump Up Station

Posted: 04/24/09

Park Hyatt Wedding Jump Up Station

Restaurant: Park_Hyatt Toronto

Nelson @ Park Hyatt: The second station was called "Jump Up", which was an Indian themed station.

The large pot is curried chicken. In the large pot beside it is curried chick peas, and in the smaller pot behind are fresh coconut chutney, raita (cucumber yoghurt sauce), pineapple cucumber sambal, fresh cilantro, scallions, tomato and shredded lettuce. The guy was taking freshly made roti (2nd last picture, a little stiffer than what I'm used to) and stuffing it full with all that goodness. Wow, it tasted good. In addition, they had a large pot of peas and rice and some chili lime grilled Kingfish. The fish was a tad dry. I poured some more chick pea curry on top of the rice for a proper meal.

Once again, almost a complete meal, but this is just 2 of the 3 stations! It wasn't too spicy, probably because I didn't add too much of the spicy sauces, but overall it was still good.

(PS I snuck in a picture of the wedding cake in this post)


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  • are you getting some good ideas??!
    dre @ 2009-04-25

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