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Raw Beef Sashimi at Sushi Tei

Posted: 04/20/09

Raw Beef Sashimi at Sushi Tei

Restaurant: Mississauga Sushi_Tei

Nelson @ Sushi Tei: I like this non-AYCE Japanese place in Mississauga. They started us off with some pretty standard appetizers, edamame, bean sprouts and kimchi. I ordered a meal, so I had miso soup and a green salad with the Japanese dressing.

The next picture is not what I ate, but the guys I was with ordered this. People may be apprehensive about the raw egg, but beside the raw egg is raw beef! This is a beef sashimi dish. I've tried beef sashimi before, but I didn't try any of this. Maybe someday when I don't mind getting sick (I think you are unlikely to get sick from this because it is frozen meat) I may give this dish a try.

I had a tonkatsu (breaded pork) dish with cooked egg. There was a lot of egg included in this meal and even though the tonkatsu was a little soggy, overall the dish tasted really good. There is something about the way this dish is put together that really makes it excel in taste. I really enjoyed this meal.

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