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Del Dente

Posted: 04/14/09

Del Dente

Restaurant: Del_Dente

Nelson @ Del Dente: Kitty came up to Waterloo to celebrate my birthday and we went to Del Dente, which is located in the basement of Charcoal.

Their bread service is really great. The freshly baked bread is served in a small flower pot and it comes with three different dipping butters. On the left is Apple Cinnamon, middle is herb and garlic and on the right is red pepper. The different flavours really makes the bread service interesting. My favourite was the apple cinnamon, but all were good.

We had an appetizer of Charred Brie - Strawberry & Fig jam, baked baby Brie and grilled focaccia crostini. Brie is really rich. And salty. They gave a huge chunk and while it was good, I don't think we had enough bread to go with it. Still I was pleasantly surprised with the large portion of cheese.

I had a set meal and the first course was called vine-ripened tomatoes. It had yellow and red vine ripe romatoes, bocconcini cheese, charred red onions and sweet onion vinaigrette. It was a good salad that was put together well. I enjoyed it.

Kitty had main course of Chicken Tetrazzini with roasted chicken, wild mushrooms, penne noodles, feta cream sauce. I just noticed that they gave us rotini instead. I don't think it made a differance. I just had a small taste of this and I don't remember anything to comment on this dish.

I tried the pizza trio as my main course: mini calzone, pizza and stromboli with pepperoni, bacon and sausage. I was a little disappointed by this dish as all three tasted very similar and it was really doughy. There was hardly any toppings and the taste was not distinctive. Also it was small. It sounded like an interesting concept, but I didn't enjoy it that much.

For dessert, it was campfire s'mores: hand-made marshmallows, graham crackers, shaved milk chocolate, fresh berries, strawberry & fig jam. It looked really interesting with the hardened caramel and the melted chocolate and gooey marshmallows. It was a small portion, so it was difficult to share. It tasted a bit burnt, but I suppose that is like a real campfire s'more.

Del Dente has great presentation, but I think the taste of some their dishes need a little work. I would visit again though.

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  • fancy.... did kitty pick this place or you? Mike picked Tucker's Marketplace........ twice both for 2008 and 2007!!
    dre @ 2009-04-16
  • I think she picked it....there is no Tucker's in KW. When it was her birthday, I picked Tuckers for her!
    Nelson @ 2009-04-20
  • lol you cheapo hahahaha
    dre @ 2009-04-21

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