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Little Mexico with the family

Posted: 04/09/09

Little Mexico with the family

Restaurant: Little_Mexico Vaughan

dre: We took my parents and godmother to Little Mexico. This time, I had the Puerco En Salsa de Chile Chipotle (Pork cooked in a chipotle sauce). I was definitely one of the spiciest dishes I've had in a while that I kept having to get more water. The dish itself was quite bony, and it reminded me of homemade Chinese dishes where bones are left in the meat dishes. This must be very authentic!

Mike ate the chicken tacos. Those was quite good and very filling as well.

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For dessert, we had Churros, which is like a cinnamon stick. It was nice and light and tasty as well!


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  • The churros was very delicious!
    Mike @ 2009-04-12

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