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Elegant Chinese Cuisine

Posted: 04/06/09

Elegant Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant: Elegant_Chinese_Cuisine Markham

Nelson @ Elegant Chinese Cuisine: My mom wanted to try this faraway restaurant, so we did.

We started with this strange dish that consisted of shreds of duck encased in a duck jelly. It tasted extremely fatty, and very meaty. It was a unique taste and texture, but I couldn't eat too much of this.

The next dish was the actual duck.

The vegetable here was made with whole garlic cloves. I love garlic and absolutely loved eating the whole (cooked) garlic cloves. I think I found my new favourite way to have chinese vegetables.

Next we had a soft shelled crab. I don't think I've seen one in the wild. I don't know how "soft" their shell is and whether it really isn't the deep fryer that makes it soft.

We had to have some substance to our meal, so we had a wide noodles.

Lastly, we had this chicken/taro stew. We waited forever for this dish, but it still ended up being undercooked. I don't think they were prepared to served this dish at lunch, so we caught them off guard. The Taro was still not cooked completely. Stews do take a long time to cook, so I can't really be too mad at them. We packed most of it up and finish cooking it at home. It had a really good flavour to the dish, so it was still good.

Still a pretty interesting meal because of the new tastes and textures. Rare to find novelty in (chinese) food these days.


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