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Vegetarian at Milestones

Posted: 04/04/09

Vegetarian at Milestones

Restaurant: Milestones Toronto

Nelson @ Milestones: We started with a Yummy Yam Frites, yam frites cooked to order adn served with green apple cider vinegar and two specialty mayos; Moroccan spice and chipotle. Their bread service has similarly good sauce. It was really fun eating these hot yam frites in the three sauces. The green apple vinegar didn't have a strong green apple taste. The chipotle and moroccan spice tasted somewhat similar (they are both mayos after all), but both were really good.

We didn't feel like meat, so I had a vegetarian thai noodle salad: fresh chopped greens and oriental noodles stacked with artichokes, sliced mushrooms, shredded carrots, spicy house-made avocado and papaya salsas, feta and honey-mustard vinaigrette. The only thing thai about this dish is the noodles, and I had to make some poke out from the bottom just for the picture. It's hard to see the artichokes in the background. They gave a little bit of avocado (I would have liked it more). But there was a good variety of veggies in this dish, but for some reason it didn't go together that well.

Kitty had the butternut squash ravioli with fresh basil, goat cheese, roma tomato sauce, and glazed pecans. This dish was really visually appealing, but not memorable in terms of taste.

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  • "you don't make friends with salad! You don't make friends with salad!" - simpsons
    Mike @ 2009-04-04
  • those fries and ravioli are the sole reason i go to Milestones!!
    Alexis @ 2009-08-05

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