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Posted: 03/23/09


Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: My mom had some family over, and they like to cook together. So we had a big dinner. The first is a jellyfish dish. It may sound kinda gross, but it's pretty good tasting. The next is a dried tofu, squid, mushroom and chive dish. Next is a beef and veggie stir fry. Then it's the large skate fish baked in the oven. Skate fish looks like a manta ray and the fish is pretty bony. Lastly is a chinese vegetable that is bitter in taste with dried scallop. Surprisingly the bitterness doesn't make it taste bad.


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  • It's good your family still likes to cook. My family would rather go out to eat. And by go out to eat, it means finding the cheapest Chinese restaurant to feed the 25 of us. These restaurants aren't necessarily the best. haha
    dre @ 2009-03-24

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