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Delightful Cantonese Cuisine

Posted: 03/19/09

Delightful Cantonese Cuisine

Restaurant: Delightful_Cantonese_Cuisine Kitchener_Waterloo

Nelson @ Delightful Cantonese Cuisine: This new chinese place in Kitchener is actually pretty decent....for Kitchener. Raluca is a quasi-vegetarian, which made ordering chinese food very difficult.

The top one is a turnip cake in a curry sauce. I've never tried it with curry sauce before and it's actually quite good. As you can tell by the thumbs-ups, she really liked it too.

I tried ordering a sticky rice, but got the dessert version. Oops, oh well, I liked it at least.

Vegetarian spring rolls and vegetarian tofu skin rolls were good vegetarian choices in my opinion. Maybe ordering vegetarian isn't so bad after all.

Since she eats seafood, the last dish pictured is deep fried squid. You can't go wrong with this dish.

So if I had to eat chinese food in Kitchener/Waterloo, I might choose this place. Although most likely, I would try to avoid it and go to a viet place instead. KW has a high proportion of vietnamese people for some reason.


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