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Mexican Street Meat

Posted: 03/07/09

Mexican Street Meat

Restaurant: Los_Angeles

Nelson @ Kodak Theater: I almost didn't post this photo, because it's pretty pointless and doesn't really show any food, but I decided to anyway. We were at the Kodak Theatre (where they have the Oscars) and the Grunman's Theatre (where they have the handprints of famous actors) at midnight.

Out of nowhere this Mexican guy wheels out a cart a crowd gathers around him and buys up his meat and he carts away into some alley. This is the definition of sketchy, but he was so popular! I guess he isn't suppose to be selling street meat, so that's why he was so furtive and he probably had to be because there were cops nearby. I can't imagine he could outrun any cops with his cart though.

I really couldn't tell you what he was selling, but it looked oily and fatty. Just like any other good street food.


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