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Shanghai Food

Posted: 03/04/09

Shanghai Food

Restaurant: China

dre: When we got to Shanghai, those were definitely the best meals on the trip. Here I have highlighted some dishes that my parents went crazy over, especially the first one - a fatty pork thigh. The gasp that came from them was so loud when the dish landed, so I thought I better take a picture of this.

Other well known Shanghai food is the "Siu Long Bao", shown in the 4th picture. More about that in the next couple of days.

The last 2 pictures is what I call Shanghai Duck. The duck meat (not just skin) is placed in an oyster looking bun and dipped in sweet sauce. I prefer Peking duck.


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  • My mom was originally from around that area and makes the pork thigh at home fairly frequently.
    Nelson @ 2009-03-05

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