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Westin Bonaventure Breakfast Buffet

Posted: 02/27/09

Westin Bonaventure Breakfast Buffet

Restaurant: Los_Angeles Westin_Bonaventure

Nelson @ Westin Bonaventure: Priceline got me this 5 star hotel at an excellent rate right in the downtown LA. The problem with a hotel in the downtown core is that everything is expensive. Parking at the hotel is $50. This meant I spent 20 minutes each night driving around downtown LA looking for a street parking spot. The hotel was really cool inside, with lot's of fountains and a suspended workout area. They filmed a scene from True Lies at the hotel too!

When we got there, the first room we got was already used. It looked like a couple had gotten into the room, enjoyed a few glasses of wine, "used" the bed and left. I asked for a new room right away. They gave me free internet access for a day, which I was happy with. Then the next night we changed rooms (because Teresa left us) and that room was unmade. They offered free parking, but I told them I didn't park there, so they offered free breakfast ($20-$25 value each). I gladly accepted.

This breakfast was awesome. They had really good hickory smoked bacon, amazingly fresh and plentiful fruit (usually hard to get while on vacation), a wide variety of interesting breads and pastries, different types of sausages, different types of eggs (scrambled, benedict, omelettes), cereals, deli meats and cheeses, smoked salmon and a fricken roast! This was an awesome breakfast and worth getting up early for! I stuffed myself and since we had a long day of driving ahead of us, we "saved" some breads and pastries for the road. This was a lifesaver as we ended up eating this for a late lunch/early dinner in the middle of a Sequoia national park.

One of the best breakfasts I've ever had and it was free!


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  • Wow this looks awesome! How much was street parking? lol at the "used" bed...ew... Did you guys "borrow" a pine cone from sequoia national park?

    I gotta learn how to use priceline. I keep hearing great things about it.
    dre @ 2009-02-27
  • Street parking was free! No, in hindsight we should have borrowed a pine cone. I was too busy looking for the bears.

    Yeah, priceline is great, I'll send you an email on how to use it.
    Nelson @ 2009-02-27

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