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Posted: 02/21/09


Restaurant: Los_Angeles Toi

Nelson @ Toi: We wanted to eat somewhere on Sunset Boulevard, so we picked this interesting for the outside looking restaurant. It looked very hip and urban. Too bad they spent so much time on the setting and not on the food.

I tried the Bangkok Delight, a delicious mixture of red curry, shrimp, pinapple, bamboo basil. It advertised as being mildly spicy, but it wasn't. My biggest complaint was that there were something like 5 shrimp total (all pictured) and very few vegetables. The taste was weak too.

Kitty had the Chicken Curry Somen, chicken white meat in green curry, bamboo shoots, fresh mint on top of Japanese thin rice noodles. And then it said a house specialty. It also didn't taste good, with uncooked vegetables and unappetizing noodles.

The special brown rice was interesting. When it first came I had no idea what it was due to the dark lighting. Upon further inspecition it turned out to be rice. It looked strange, but tasted alright. But overall, it was a bad meal.

The last picture is of the washroom. Interesting I guess, but maybe not conducive to a pleasant eating experience?

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