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Spaghetti House

Posted: 02/22/09

Spaghetti House

Restaurant: Hong_Kong

dre: Again in Hong Kong, we went to a non-Asian restaurant - twice, I might add. Last time I was in HK 3 years ago, I really enjoyed Spaghetti House, so I took Mike there. Actually, on Christmas day, we went with my parents for dinner.

My mom had a lobster bisque. I remember highly recommending the pastry on top. It did not disappoint. I also got a soup (minestrone - not shown) and I also paid for the puff pastry add-on. It was the best!

My dad ate Spaghetti with Bacon, Sausage and Mushroom in a rosé sauce.

I had the Lasagna Deluxe - Baked Bacon, Chicken and Mushroom in Cream Sauce between layers of Pasta.

Mike ate the Spaghetti Neapolitan - Green Pepper, Onion, Salami, Ham, Canadian Bacon sauteed with our very special House Sauce. That was pretty tasty.

My mom had the Super Seafood Deluxe - Mussel, Cuttlefish, Shrimp, Fish Fillet, Crab Meat in a Mushroom & Onion Cream Sauce.

Mike and I went to Spaghetti House again for lunch on another day. This time we got set lunches that served soup, bread and tea.

I tried the other dish that I was debating on the other night - Homemade Lasagna - Tender layers of Minced Beef, Pasta & Simmering Cheese. I enjoyed this dish much more than the creamy chicken lasagna, although that one was really good too.

Mike had a beef risotto, which turned out to be an asian-like dish with rice at the bottom with lots of sauce to be "risotto".


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  • I'm surprised they didn't substitute for more asian ingredients. Good thing you like melted cheese, because that's a lot of cheese on the lasagna!
    Nelson @ 2009-02-23

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