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The Macau Tower

Posted: 02/16/09

The Macau Tower

Restaurant: Macau

dre: At the top of the Macau Tower, there is a rotating restaurant called 360. (Yes, how original.) I was tempted to throw my knife on the ledge to see when it came back to me. I also considered frantically going to other people's tables and saying, "Oh my goodness! Have you seen my baby? I left him on the rotating edge." But I decided against that because my mom gave me a dirty look when I joked about doing that.

The buffet consisted of many varieties of food. The Indian food, which I had first, was tucked in a little corner by the desserts, so I didn't realize how large the buffet was. Considering I just ate Indian food the other night at a real Indian restaurant, this stuff wasn't bad. In fact, I'd say it was the best tasting food at the restaurant. The 2 other dishes were okay, and the dessert was disgusting. The only good dessert was the Portuguese tart (similar to an egg tart) on the third picture. I thought the soufflé was cool, so I took a picture of it before it flattened completely.


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  • Too bad pictures from buffets never look that great...

    Is that a baby jar in the middle of the 2nd last picture?.
    Nelson @ 2009-02-19

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