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Cold Stone Creamery

Posted: 02/09/09

Cold Stone Creamery

Restaurant: Cold_Stone_Creamery Los_Angeles

Nelson @ Cold Stone Creamery: Richard recommended this unique ice cream shop that currently can only be found in the US. Unfortunately, the only time we could try it, I had to drive the car around the block because there was a lack of parking in downtown LA. I didn't get to go inside for the show. Apparently, they take the ice cream, put it on a "cold stone", add some extra ingredients depending on the recipe and then mush it together. Sounds interesting, too bad I didn't get to see it myself. This was chocolate mint flavour with chocolate chips and brownie. If you have ever taken your ice cream and swirled it around in your bowl, this is exactly like that, but with quality ingredients added. It was good and I will try to check this place out in person next time I have the chance.

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  • Melted ice cream scares me... I liked my ice cream solid! (except for soft ice cream)
    dre @ 2009-02-11

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