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Daily Grill

Posted: 02/07/09

Daily Grill

Restaurant: Daily_Grill Los_Angeles

Nelson @ Daily Grill: We made our way to LA. We were hungry one night and our hotel was in the middle of downtown, so we hurriedly decided to eat at this expensive looking place made for business people.

I ordered a prix fixe dinner, so I had a salad to start. I got the filet mignon with a blue cheese herb crust with bordelaise sauce and spinach mashed potatoes. It was really good and cooked very well. The blue cheese was only ok as I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese. It was really salty too. The mashed potatoes were splendid. I love spinach in mash potatoes and make it myself now.

Kitty tried the baby back ribs slowly cooked and charbroiled and glazed with their own bbq sauce served with a honey garlic chicken breast (and baked beans and cole slaw). Yes, this was grill, so we tested how well they could grill the meats. It was good quality.

We ended with a seasonal creme brulee. Nothing spectacular, but well done.

Overall a great meal, because it consisted of a lot of meat!

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