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Hong Kong Breakfasts

Posted: 02/06/09

Hong Kong Breakfasts

Restaurant: Hong_Kong

dre: I've tried to group my HK food pictures by type of meal and location, so that they still won't be showing 6 months later.

Here is a collection of breakfasts we had in Hong Kong. We mostly relied on fast food places with pictures that we could point to. The first picture shows a meal from Oliver's Super Sandwiches. Mike had a sausage and potato combo (in front). I tried the egg, beans, and corned beef.

The second picture shows a breakfast from Maxim. I had the fried noodles and Mike ate the glutinous rice. The third picture shows what was in the leaf. One thing I noticed is that they gave him a chicken wing in there. Usually in Canada, we get some Chinese sausage and other pork meats.

Next is breakfast from Cafe de Coral. I ate instant noodles with an egg and pork cutlet. Mike had fried (but runny) eggs with a chicken cutlet.

I really like the soup noodles for breakfast, so we went to my uncle's mom's restaurant where I ate macaroni with ham and egg.

The last place this picture shows is a place where there was no English on the menu, so we pointed to the picture. My bowl of instant noodles was in tomato soup with a lot of mushrooms and pork cutlets. Mike ate dumpling instant noodles with BBQ pork and ham. The dumplings are hiding under the noodles!


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  • Some of these items seem strange to me for eating for breakfast, even though I did so when I was in HK.
    Nelson @ 2009-02-09

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