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Google's Famous Caf

Posted: 02/03/09

Google's Famous Caf

Restaurant: Google Mountain_View

Nelson @ Google: Having friends work at Google is a good thing. What it means for me, is that I can sample the food at Google Headquarters. They have a famous AYCE style caf with high quality food. They have different stations set up, so you can have whatever you feel like. From what I can remember, they had an Asian themed dish (chicken stirfry), an Indian dish (roti with some curry?), Italian (pizza, not pictured), Japanese (simple sushi), Mexican and American food (burger, baked potato). The quality of food is really good, but it is really easy to overeat because you want to try a little of everything which ends up being a lot of food. If I ate here everyday, I would be really fat, although I think the food choices would eventually cycle.

In the office, they have snack stations set up something like 100 feet (or meters, can't remember) within every cubicle. It was stacked with all sorts of snacks, salty ones, sweet ones and drinks. There was a recent initiative to make the snacks healthier, which is a good idea.

The other great thing is the unlimited free drinks. They had these really really refreshing, fresh fruit "Naked" drinks which were excellent (and really expensive in the stores). During lunch we got fresh smoothies made for us that we watched them make on the spot.

All in all an exciting meal that I had really looked forward to prior to the trip. It didn't disappoint. Oh and the best part is unlimted Ben and Jerry's ice cream (not pictured)! Thanks George for taking us in!


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  • wow this is all free for employees??? how many people did your friend take in? haha
    dre @ 2009-02-04
  • Yes, it is all free, AYCE for employees. 5 of us visited, but I think it was split among two hosts.
    Nelson @ 2009-02-05

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