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Posted: 02/01/09


Restaurant: Fook_Yuen Millbrae

Nelson @ Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant: This was the last meal before Huy left for his honeymoon and it was at a chinese seafood restaurant (do you see a theme emerging?). Tsu ordered most of the dishes for us, because the rest of us had no clue. The waitress was awesome though because she was able to speak 3 different chinese dialects (+english) that people at our table could understand.

The first dish is honey ribs. These were the sweetest ribs I've ever eaten. They were like eating candy, so much so that my teeth hurt afterward. It was a meaty candy.

Next are a fried fish dish, a vegetarian tofu dish, green beans with ground pork and beef stew that reminded my of vietnamese food.

The last one is the frog stew. I might have had it once before, but I don't remember. At first I had forgotten we had ordered frog and I thought that the chicken was very bony, but then when I saw how fine the bones were, I remembered that it was frog. So it tasted like chicken....with more small bones.

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  • Those crazy Asians! Will they ever eat PANDA meat? :(

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment that 3rd dish with the tofu and mushrooms is one of my favourites!
    dre @ 2009-02-02

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