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Huy's Wedding

Posted: 01/30/09

Huy's Wedding

Restaurant: ABC_Seafood_Restaurant Milpitas

Nelson @ Huy's Wedding: Huy had his wedding at ABC Seafood Restaurant in Milpitas California and it was a chinese style banquet. We happened to only have 6 people at our table, but they served us as if we were 10! This resulted in crazy quantities of food.

We started with the suckling pig and BBQ combination. Kitty enjoyed the seaweed salad and I enjoyed the meat. Our table managed to finish this plate.

The shark fin soup was next and it included crab meat, which I suppose is a local delicacy. Tasted similar to other shark fin soups I've had though

The prawns with honey walnuts was really good. The large prawns were covered in a creamy mayo sauce and the walnuts were extremely crunchy and sweet. Our table managed to finish this dish as well.

The sauteed calamari and fried scallop with milk was interesting. The calamari and scallop I've had before, but the milk, which seemed to be deep fried was new to me. Hard on the outside and very soft on the inside and it tasted milky. Pretty decent. I believe we were able to finish this dish as well.

Huy was going all out and had the house special abalone and black mushroom. This dish is good, but not my favourite. I don't understand why abalone is so expensive.

When the house special roasted quail came people were getting pretty full. I don't think any of us even ate one piece. I think we ended up giving this away to another more hungry table.

We were pretty stuffed when the lobster came but I always have room for lobster. The other people took a few pieces, but I think I personally at least one whole lobster. One of the lobsters wasn't that fresh, but I still finished off the plate.

Huy upgraded the menu and got the smoke sea bass. Now this was really really good, but I could only eat a small bite. I think we all tried a tiny bit of the fish, but we were so stuffed we couldn't eat this delicious fish. If only I had known, I would have saved some room. My stomach failed me.

At the end came a diced rooster duck with dried scallop. I can't tell you how this tasted as I don't think I ate any.

They named the desserts "Twin Sweet Dainties". I think I eventually tried it towards the end of the night when I could fit it.

I think this was a really expensive chinese banquest, and they had a huge number of people attend. The expense showed in the high quality of food. A good meal, but I was defeated by the portions at our table.....writing this entry made me sad for having a small stomach.

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  • I love that deep fried milk! It's more of a dessert thing, I think.

    I love how you guys had 6 people only. No wonder you were so full before the rice came!
    dre @ 2009-01-30

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