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Alan and Yoon's Wedding

Posted: 02/02/09

Alan and Yoon's Wedding

Restaurant: Bahamas

dre: The whole reason we went down to the Bahamas was because of Alan and Yoon's wedding. That night, we had dinner at one of the restaurants instead of the buffet. We started off with a salad bar that also had meats and hams. The butternut squash (?) soup was really good. The steak I ordered was really tender as well, but I think the highlight of the meal was the onion rings. Instead of one onion ring battered, it was batter stuffed with onions!

The cake was pineapple flavoured. I liked the shell designs.


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  • I wanted to see the inside of an onion ring. Also, that is a nicely themed cake with the seashells.
    Nelson @ 2009-02-02

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