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Ashbridges Bay Beach BBQ

Posted: 01/06/09

Ashbridges Bay Beach BBQ

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Nelson @ Ashbridges Bay Beach: In the summer, I organized a beach BBQ and volleyball day. I went out and bought a charcoal BBQ, coal and lighter fluid so we could cook our food. I then went to costco and they were having a sale on BBQ items!

I bought large packages of hamburger and hot dog buns for cheap. The Sirloin burgers were on sale, so I bought a bunch of those. These were especially tasty and I remember Mike Chan really liking them.

The sausages were also on sale, but weren't as popular as evidenced by the overcooked ones on the top rack.

Teresa brought her favourite - chicken wings. They were tasty.

Victor and Hannah prepared some veggies to balance out the meal.

I also picked up a package of marshmallows, so we could toast them as we added more coals.

I managed to almost get even by charging $5 bucks for food. What a fun day, I can't wait to do it again next summer!


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  • AND...we managed to get the charcoal BBQ to heat up properly this time...and not take 2 hours to cook a in 1st year university...
    Richard @ 2009-01-09

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