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Chinese Seafood Dinner

Posted: 12/23/08

Chinese Seafood Dinner

Restaurant: none

Nelson: My aunt was in town, so my parents treated them to a Chinese seafood dinner. My mom likes this restaurant (somewhere in scarborough, not sure the name), because it is good value. The first dish was the most unique, because although it was a typical chinese restaurant, this wasn't a typical chinese dish. It was a mustard sauce with fried pork. It wasn't that good, maybe they should stick to real chinese food.

The rest of the dishes include an assorted seafood dish, a half chicken, two lobsters, an abalone and vegetable dish and a fish. All pretty decent, at a good price with fast service, which is what you look for in a chinese restaurant.


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  • I've had that mustard fish before... I wasn't a big fan either
    dre @ 2008-12-23

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