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Irene's Dinner

Posted: 12/21/08

Irene's Dinner

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Irene cooked dinner for a celebration of her sister's engagement. I happened to tag along because I drove her back from Waterloo, and I'm glad I did!

She started with some breaded (goat?) cheese and roasted red peppers on a bed of spinach. It was really really good. Unfortunately, she had cooked the cheese a little earlier and by the time we ate it, it was a bit cool. But it was still really good.

For the main, we had pizzas built on thick pita bread topped with sausage, spinach and cheese. The combination was very tasty, and I especially liked the salty sausage and the soft pita bread.

For dessert, Irene bought some fancy pastries that looked fancy. I tried one of them and it was good, but I felt bad eating something so visually appealing.

Irene did an excellent job cooking up this meal and it wasn't too complicated either!


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