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The Keg

Posted: 01/11/09

The Keg

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre: At The Keg, I started off with a mojito. They added a spinach salad to their menu, but I've had better. I found this one too sour for my liking and would prefer a sweet honey dijon dressing. For the main course, I had a prime rib topped with scallops. Notice the potato I got was twice baked. That was good!

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  • You seem to go to the Keg a lot! Lucky! What sauce is that on the prime rib? Was the dressing for the salad on the side? There doesn't look like there is a lot on there.
    Nelson @ 2009-01-12
  • We hit up the Keg usually when it's a special occasion... birthdays, retirements... I think this was for Christmas.

    I wish I remembered what the sauce was called... Bearnaise, I think? It was a special for $7 more with the scallops and the sauce or something like that.

    The dressing was already on the salad. It wasn't a very good salad.
    dre @ 2009-01-13

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