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Squire and Firkin Chicken Caesar

Posted: 12/09/08

Squire and Firkin Chicken Caesar

Restaurant: Squire_and_Firkin Toronto

Nelson @ Squire & Firkin: I was at a bar and ordered a salad. I was with two other guys and we all ordered salads and wraps. So manly. For a bar, their chicken caesar was pretty good. Even though I was trying to eat healthy, I don't think Caesar salad with all that dressing is particularly healthy. Too much dressing is a very common complaint for me with Caesar Salad at restaurants.

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  • HAHA
    dre @ 2008-12-09
  • Too much dressing is something that I find on many Salads at many restaurants. Always ask for it on the Side. Then the amount you use is under Your Control ;)

    S @ 2014-04-18

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