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Karola's Wedding

Posted: 11/27/08

Karola's Wedding

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Karola's Wedding: You know you're in for a good meal when the bread service includes honey butter.

We started with a mushroom soup with roasted butternut squash, goat cheese and corn quenelle. Surprisingly, the soup was not cream based and more asian-like. It was a tad salty for my tastes, but I'm really sensitive to salt. The quenelle was a deep fried, but a little soggy due to being in the soup, but it was a welcome addition to the dish. The soup was a good way to start and gave me something I had never tried before.

Since Karola is Hungarian, we had to have cabbage rolls. This was a very large "cabbage roll a la Mamics" (I think that translates into "Mommy's Cabbage Roll") stuffed full with meat. As I don't regularly eat cabbage rolls, I thoroughly enjoyed eating this. I'm sure the fact that it was absolutely stuffed with meat helped in my enjoyment. It was so large, that I was pretty satisfied after this appetizer!

The salad of butter lettuce and radicchio with buttermilk poppy seed dressing was inventively "wrapped" in a cucumber and complemented with fruit. The lettuce didn't taste that different, but it did have a slightly different texture. Hard to describe, but it was softer than regular lettuce.

The main entree of Confit of Duck Leg with Herb Reduction, Truffled Rissotto and Seasonal Vegetable Bundles was excellent. The duck was tender and fatty in a very complementary sauce. The rissotto was a little hard for my liking, but I still finished it, even though I was stuffed. The vegetables were once again "bundled" which was pleasing visually.

The dessert table was massive and although I was stuffed, I tried quite a few items. Lot's of cakes and fruit

This was the best wedding meal I've ever had. This meal alone makes me consider not having a chinese banquet style. Kudos to the caterer and kudos to the bride and groom for picking them!


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  • Wow so fancy! Do you remember where the venue was? Was there a wedding cake too? I think the wedding cake is my favourite part of weddings because they are so pretty!
    dre @ 2008-11-27
  • Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the wedding cake. In fact, I don't even remember what it looked like.

    This venue was spetacular, I think it was voted top 10 in Toronto. It was at Edward's Gardens. The wedding was entertaining too, because the groom was a lawyer and the groomsmen/best man were all excellent speakers (also lawyers).
    Nelson @ 2008-11-27

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