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La Chine Cuisine

Posted: 11/25/08

La Chine Cuisine

Restaurant: La_Chine_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ La Chine Cuisine: Besides the Lobster, the rest of the meal was impressive and unique. They started us with some chinese black fungus with a mayo/cream sauce. Pretty good, of course the texture is the most pronounced part of this dish. Then there was the crab claw with lobster paste covered in almonds that you most commonly see at weddings, but it was served as part of this set meal. Then came a chicken with jellyfish. The chicken was lean, but well made and tasty. Next was a fish and sugar snap pea dish that was made well, but nothing that unique. The vegetarian dish included four different kinds of mushrooms, and I like all these types, so this dish was good. The last main dish was sweet and sour pork, but with a twist of fruit. And they went all out on the fruit. They included several varieties, blueberries, kiwi, pinapple, lychee, strawberry, etc. As we ate it, we kept on discovering more fruits! I really enjoyed this dish, because it offered something new to a very common dish.

Lastly, as the name of the restaurant implies, it has some "frenchness" to it, so they served creme brulee as a dessert. It turned out not to be real creme brulee, more like a pudding. Maybe that's what chinese people think this dish is suppose to be. Strange way to end a meal, but a good meal that served traditional dishes with a bit of a twist.

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  • wow that's pretty cool. The mushroom dish made me drool the most because I love mushrooms!
    dre @ 2008-11-25

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