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Bourbon Chicken

Posted: 11/23/08

Bourbon Chicken

Restaurant: Bourbon_Street_Grill Kitchener_Waterloo

Nelson @ Bourbon Street Grill: Kitty loves this fast food place in Waterloo. The name implies that it's from the south, but it's actually run by some Chinese people. We almost always get the same thing: Bourbon chicken, rice with beans and sweet corn. This pictures shows the vegetables instead. The Bourbon chicken is really tasty because the sauce is sweet and they grill it until it starts to blacken, while still maintaining the chicken's juiciness. I have to admit it is pretty good for a fast food place!

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  • This is Mike's favourite place to eat and I like it a lot too! You're right, every Bourbon St. Grill I've seen is run by Chinese people whether from Brampton to Scarborough haha
    dre @ 2008-11-23

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