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Pravina's Wedding

Posted: 11/19/08

Pravina's Wedding

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Pravina's Wedding: The wedding cake looked phenomenal. The outer layer looked like paper, but it was icing sugar.

This Indian/Guyanese wedding had mostly Indian food with a few Italian dishes. On my plate, you can see the mutter paneer in the lower left, the curried lamb in the lower right and chicken parmigiana on the top right. The top left had assorted pasta and vegetables. It was pretty good, but unfortunately I"m not a connoisseur of Indian food....yet.

The desserts were plentiful and included mostly of an assortment of cakes. I think the wedding cake was white chocolate cheesecake. Luckily I split most of them of Kitty so I could try them all!


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  • Wow that cake is impressive!
    dre @ 2008-11-19
  • yeah i didnt realize there was so much detail in the cake cuz i saw it in the dark...but looking at the photo it looks like a piece of art...
    Kitty @ 2008-11-19

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