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Best Cheesecake Factory Experience Ever!

Posted: 12/12/08

Best Cheesecake Factory Experience Ever!

Restaurant: Buffalo Cheesecake_Factory

dre: I must tell you about the best service we've ever gotten from the Cheesecake Factory. We've always liked the service there. Most of the time we've gotten waiters and waitresses that were very attentive to our needs. One time, the waitress noticed that I only ate the rye bread and when I asked for more bread in general, she gave us all rye. Awesome!

This time, Mike and I decided to get dishes that were not pasta. I settled for the Big Five Pizza - Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions and Peppers with Mozzarella and Marinara Sauce. Mike got a B.B.Q. Pulled Pork Sandwich - Roasted Pork Covered with Our B.B.Q. Sauce on a Brioche Bun. Served with Cole Slaw and Fries. Mike substitued the fries for a house salad.

The food was okay, and I think they do better with their pasta dishes. Anyway, the point of the story - Great thing #1: The waitress right away knew that the salad were missing from Mike's dish, so she said that it was coming separately. A large plate of greens appeared next to Mike. Great thing #2 - As I ate into my pizza, I noticed that the bottom was quite burnt. Normally I'd just eat it, but I could taste the burntness with every bite. I ate half of one slice (and grabbed some toppings from the other slices) and asked the waitress if it was okay to get another one. She saw that it was burnt and apologized and brought it back to the kitchen. We were satisfied that they were doing that and I started to eat Mike's coleslaw. The manager came out and apologized and said that he has already taken the pizza off the bill. Whoa! We were really impressed with the gesture.

I only wish that most restaurants (especially Chinese restaurants) would use this example to please their clients. It costs them like $0.40 to remake that pizza, but their reputation and loyalty from that client will go a long way.

For dessert, I had something that wasn't on the menu. It was a special that they were having - Blueberry White Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake. It was delicious! I prefer fruit cheesecakes as it's not so heavy, and blueberries are my favourite and so is white chocolate, so it was like the cheesecake was created just for me.

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  • I love pulled pork and it looks pretty good.
    Nelson @ 2008-12-12

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