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Nimesh and Priya's Wedding

Posted: 12/02/08

Nimesh and Priya's Wedding

Restaurant: Mississauga Red_Rose_Convention_Centre

dre: I was really excited to go to Nim's wedding. We've been friends since high school even though we didn't go to the same high school but we kept in touch through random lunches and breakfasts. We ended up going to the same university, but because of our busy schedules, we hardly saw each other. He's been dating Priya forEVER, so I was really happy when they finally tied the knot.

Nim's wedding events had multiple parts to it and each part had food involved - Friday night and Sunday all day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I can't describe what I ate because of the so many varieties of Indian food. I would eat something, deemed that it was tasty, but forget what it looked like. Everything was vegetarian and it wasn't your usual Indian food that you find at buffets. I think Nim and Priya's families are from a different part of India because none of these dishes were very strong with Indian spices. Perhaps they were just trying to accommodate the 600+ guests they had. (Yes, 600+ people. It was the largest wedding I've ever been too. Also the largest wedding that didn't serve alcohol I've ever been to.)

Most Jain people don't eat eggs, so the wedding cake was eggless! It was chocolate inside... yum!

It was a great night and the next day Mike and I ate a lot of meat haha


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