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Jack Astor's Appetizers

Posted: 11/30/08

Jack Astor's Appetizers

Restaurant: Jack_Astors Toronto

dre: Every once in awhile, my department at work would go out for appetizers and drinks at Jack Astor's. We had nachos, garlic bread (remember when this was free?), lobster and crab dip, and shrimp tacos (I never got to try one). We also had wings, but I didn't get a chance to take a pic of it. I usually ruin my dinner after these events.

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  • I like their Jack Astor's Chili Nachos. I've never had shrimp tacos before, i wonder if they are any good. Too bad the bread isn't free anymore, I guess we abused it too much :(
    Nelson @ 2008-12-01

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