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California Sandwiches Downtown Toronto

Posted: 11/20/08

California Sandwiches Downtown Toronto

Restaurant: California_Sandwiches Toronto

dre: We were downtown Toronto shopping for a sound system at Kromer Radio for a really long time. I was starving for lunch! We were in the Bathurst/Dundas area, so I wasn't too familiar with what was around. Craving for California Sandwiches, I google-mapped it and it showed one about 2 km from where we were! (Otherwise I would have stopped at the location at Queensway and 427 on the way home.)

The top sandwich was the sausage sandwich. It was really spicy, but wasn't as tasty as the veal sandwich (below). The funny thing is, I think Mike and I ordered the exact same 2 sandwiches when we went the first time (at the location at Weston/Hwy 7).

This downtown location was pretty run-down, but there was a lot of business. I suspect that it was one of the first ones to be opened as their sign looked really out-of-date too.

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  • I have to try this place, I like these types of sandwiches!
    Nelson @ 2008-11-25

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