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Lombardi's Pizza

Posted: 11/09/08

Lombardi's Pizza

Restaurant: Lombardis NYC

We were told that the 2 best pizza places in New York City was Grimaldi's and Lombardi's. Grimaldi's was quite far and word on the street told us that the wait is looong no matter what time of day it was. Since we were in SoHo anyway, we settled for Lombardi's.

First pizza had sweet Italian Sausage, Sautéed Garlic Spinach, Homemade Meatballs (Beef and Pork), and fresh wild mushrooms. It was good, but I found that there wasn't anything too special about it and nothing that made me go wow. (Nelson: I also didn't find it to be anything special. The crust was thin and soggy because of the spinach and it made it flimsy. The meatballs were good, but overall it was nothing special and therefore disappointing.)

Second pizza was a clam pie - more than 2 dozen hand shucked clams, oregano, garlic infused oil, pecorino romano cheese, virgin olive oil & black pepper, topped with fresh parsley. It was served with fresh lemons on the side - does not come with tomato sauce. I tried a slice of it, not really liking clams, but it wasn't too seafoody. The clam had the rubbery texture of clam, and I can't comment too much about it since I eat clam like once a year. I do have to say they were pretty generous with the clams though. (Nelson - This one was interesting, but I think they overcooked it! It was extremely dry, the clam was a little too rubbery (overcooked) and it really could have used some sort of sauce. I squeezed a lot of lemon juice on it and that improved it. And Andrea is right, they are very generous with the clam. Maybe if it was a little undercooked, this dish would improve)

Nelson - Unfortunately, Lombardi's was a little disappointing. It had a really good atmosphere though, as the building had many small areas pieced together with a place to walk through part of the kitchen, so it always felt lively. But I think I'll have to try Grimaldi's next time I go in search (3rd try) of the definitive New York Pizza.

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