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Ben Ash

Posted: 11/04/08

Ben Ash

Restaurant: Ben_Ash NYC

Dre: Our primary destination was Carnegie Deli, but we detoured we saw this restaurant across the street. Remembering that we vowed to try this place who claimed to have "World Famous Cheesecake" when we saw it last year, we went in and noticed that the restaurant was pretty empty. (On the other side of the street, Carnegie Deli was really busy).

Nelson and Kitty (Kitty mostly) tried the Raspberry Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk. The raspberry taste made the cheesecake taste pretty good, and from my 2 bites, I liked it more than the one I picked.

I ate the Rocky Mountain Macadamia Nut cheesecake. I can't say that it's the best cheesecake I've had, but it was pretty average. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate in cheesecake because it makes it extra rich (white chocolate excluded), but just having some chocolate chips inside and a chocolate crust wasn't bad.

Not sure if we'll ever come back here just to try the plain New York style cheesecake with fruit to compare with Carnegie Deli.

Nelson: Even though we were tired from walking from the very top to the bottom of Central park, this didn't really hit the spot. I found both of these cheesecakes too sweet. I think the raspberry one was a little better tasting, but I still preferred Carnegie Deli. Yeah right, World Famous...

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